My Pottery and Homewares

have layers of messages

created using patterns, colour &

text which subtly says little

things people want to

tell each other without

having to say them out loud!


A Message Made From

Earth Designed To Last


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My pieces last the test of time and as we are becoming more conscious of the provenance of the objects in our homes actively aim to combat wastefulness. Handmade with consideration for materials and for the environment around us in my 250-year-old studio space in Dundalk, Ireland

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My work is all about linking memories, sentiment and nostalgia to transform an everyday object into a special gift. So I impress text into the clay pieces - inspiring quotes, poetry and sentimental lyrics to tug on the heart strings and make people smile.

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Special Thank You Gifts

In a world where the vast majority of purchases are “made in China”, it can be challenging to source a thank you gift which is meaningful and ethical. My thank you gifts are made here in my studio in Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland. I am a small artisan producer. My handprint and personal thank you…

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They say gratitude is the best attitude

I couldn’t agree more. It means you are starting from a place of abundance rather than scarcity- that in turn makes you feel happier and more positive. My work focuses majorly on gratitude. The messages on my pieces can say what you want to tell someone without saying it out loud. Sometimes, people find it…

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Fire up the Barbie

Hopefully, you’ve got the weather for a BBQ but even if it’s bucketing down, the Irish have by now adapted to having the grill and oven on just in case. Be honest, it’s rare when you get to cook and eat the food outside, but whether you’ve cooked on charcoal or in the kitchen oven,…

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