Handmade Irish pottery which perfectly offers a reminder of joy once known, linking memories, sentiment and nostalgia to transform an everyday object into a special gift which will be cherished now and as an heirloom in the future. As modern shoppers, combating wastefulness is at the heart of our decisions, we are looking for durable, ethical and meaningful alternatives to throwaway fads and trendy mass-produced gifts.

The Impressed range continues to be a best seller and a standout design for colour loving foodies! The nostalgia of the wallpaper patterns is paired with the jewel colours of navy, green, ruby and cobalt blue to produce a range of simple pieces with function and beauty  I have funky serving dishes with “food of love”, Shakespearean vases and Rectangular platters.

The Rainbow Tiles range happened in the most organic way, growing from the need to translate the text from my journal into clay.  as a way to visually connect with the ideas. Pairing back the designs using only my signature vintage wallpaper moulds and hot metal type set to create a set of framed tiles.

The Home Comforts range, features well-known, familiar Irish phrases which tie people back to happy memories of childhood or home. connecting emotional memories from another era to a modern home setting. I like to think that phrases such as ‘home again, home again, jiggety jig’ of ‘home is where the heart is’ instantly bring people back to a time of warmth, security or happiness, or more importantly, of other people.

The design of each piece is carefully considered to provide a beautiful gift to have and cherish in your home but also to contain extra thought and feeling for that something special. If you are looking for something extra special you can have your own text imprinted into the clay for that extra bit of thoughtfulness.

A handmade piece of Sarah McKenna Ceramics is a gift which will be cherished now and as an heirloom in the future.

Sarah’s Story

Sarah McKenna has been developing her unique handmade Irish pottery at Bridge Street Studios since 1999. Before returning to Dundalk she studied Ceramics at Duncan of Jordonstone College of Art & Design, the University of Dundee, Scotland where she gained a Bachelor of Ceramic Design.

Sarah’s work has always been engaged in the process and the early studio work was concerned with smoke firing and raku firing sculptural vessel forms.

In 2006 Sarah started producing a range of quirky customisable ceramics giftware which is the beginning of what you can purchase today.

Sarah runs classes and workshops for adults and children from her studios.

Sarah is a founder member of Louth Craftmark Designers Network and secretary of Bridge Street Studios.

She is a mother of two boys and wife to a hairy musician. In her “spare time” she is a Scout Leader.

Sarah Holding the Framed Tile with Inspirational Quote