5 Things to Beat Rainy Day Blues

It’s fair to say we have all had enough of the rain at this point and we would like to see a little June sunshine now. I have been feeling the damp and grey affecting my humour, so I have compiled a list to brighten the mood indoors.

5 Things to Beat Rainy Day Blues

Light a candle (and pray for better weather) – Lighting a scented candle does wonder for my mood, I am lucky to know two fantastic candle makers who have fabulously fresh scented candles. I particularly love Soilse’s My Mother’s Garden Candle which evokes memories of relaxing in my mothers garden andEmma’s So Natural Lemongrass Candle which transports me to somewhere exotic and warm ideal on a day like today.

Listen to music – Turn it on and turn it up to have a boogie; it feels like it is medicine.

Cut up some fresh fruit – I am a big chocolate fan, and on a wet and grey day in June I could be just tempted to reach for the milk tray, but I do know that a bowl of fruit will do wonders for my humour and not so detrimental to my waistline.

Fresh Flowers – I would have hoped by this time in June I would be spending more time outdoors but on a day like today adding a bunch of flowers to my shopping basket will help bring the sunshine indoors.

Bake – I like this Oat Bread if I am feeling healthy and practical or these amazing Biscuits from Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall if I am feeling indulgent. The house is filled with a yummy smell, and the warm oven takes the damp chill away.

Hoping the sun comes out for you soon

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