Bowled Over

I was asked this week if I still enjoyed making the same things over and over – and even though the answer Yes came very quickly I did have to think about it for a few days to wonder where this enjoyment comes from especially when it is such an endless source.

My making is like my mediation, my mind is clear and focused on the physical task and I can feel the joy in my love for clay. However, I don’t love making everything so I had to wonder why is there joy in some pieces over others – I think the answer is in use.

I use my bowls (and other handmade bowls) every day in my home and the joy isn’t in oh wow I made that, it is that I love to connect with the earthy handmade and the considered object. The objects greet me with the love that went into making them each time I interact with them.

See I really do love my job!

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