Does Art influence Art?

Anytime I go travelling I always like to try and do something cultured, I like visiting galleries hoping that inspiration will strike me for something new.

Like when I visited London last I headed to the Tate Modern, I strolled around the gallery and shop. Sometimes modern art can be a bit baffling to me and often it is weeks later that pieces might start to make sense.

However, this time it was a visit to the coffee shop in the very top of this impressive building that made an impact on me.

It was a cold and damp Autumn day but the view of skyline still impressed me and what struck me sharply was how different to my own familiar and loved skylines in Ireland.

Even though I live in the centre of a large town by Irish standards yet my view always has rolling hills in the background and winding roads which promise of greener pastures.

And this is where the inspiration came around for the Journey range

enjoy the journey embrace the detours

So far I have 3 tiles in the Journey range but I do have plans for some more coming soon!

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