Easy Cheesy – a simple cheeseboard

The truth is I do a lot of cheese, I talk about cheese, I think about cheese, I eat the cheese but most of all I love sharing cheese. And it is so simple to do and impresses everyone!! This is how I do my cheeseboards…

The Cheese

I don’t worry too much about having a whole range of smelly cheeses. A lot of articles online will tell you “the rules” of a cheese board and the importance of having certain variations of cheeses but you know what rules are made to be broken. Pick cheeses you like. I like to start with a vintage cheddar, something creamy like Brie and Camembert and I do like a bit of blue cheese but it’s not for everyone. I like to cut the harder cheeses to make it very easy to eat once it is served.

The Base

Because you know I’m all about that base, no, no, no I am all about the cheese! However other people like crackers. I like to serve a selection of oatcakes, saltine crackers and homemade bread. These can be straight on the board or placed on a separate plate.



Something Salty

Adding something salty gives a good contrast to the creamy flavours of the cheese. I love olives almost as much as cheese but if they aren’t your bag you can choose salted nuts, anchovies, pretzels or even crisps or tortilla chips.

Something Sweet

I am luckily surrounded by some very good chutney and jelly makers. A good sweet chutney can lift the cheese to the next level. My mum has made this Gluttony relish each year from her large apple crop in Autumn.

Something Crunchy

For something crunchy I go to apples, I love apples and cheese. At this time of year, I have an abundance of homegrown apples which I slice thinly so they sit on top of the cheese on a cracker. Of course, pears are another choice and they compliment stilton or blue cheese so well.


The Vehicle

Your ensemble can be arranged on many different surfaces, a platter, a wooden board, a slate or my Impressed Cheeseboard. The Impressed Cheeseboard comes in Midnight Flora, Blue Deco, Green Seeds and Ruby Damask each bringing a different colour an texture to your arrangement. I also have a range of plates and platters which compliment the cheeseboards. I like to place a linen napkin or runner beneath the board so when we are done eating I can lift all and the crumbs in one go and we can carry on socialising without a cheesy mess.

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