Hot Press Gift Guide Christmas 2020

Shopping online has become the norm for many this Christmas
festive period – and so, more than ever, we hope that you will
consider shopping local. In that way, whether you’re looking for
corporate or family gift ideas, you can support small businesses
and help them to grow and create more jobs in Ireland.

Sarah McKenna has been creating her unique handmade Irish
pottery for over 20 years in Bridge Street Studios, Dundalk.
Located on the top floor of a 250-year-old grain store, Sarah
shares the studio with seven art, design and craftspeople, who
are celebrating 25 years in operation this year. Often using quotes,
poetry and lyrics; Sarah has a knack for transforming everyday objects
into unique gifts – preserved as an heirloom for the future.
Sarah creates custom and personalised pottery works for her
customers, with options ranging from wall art, plates and platters and
vases to candle holders, lamps and bowls. If you’re looking for a
bargain, McKenna has a ‘€25 and under’ range of ceramic Christmas
decorations that are sure to impress.
Handmade gifts are a brilliant way to buy Irish and support local
creatives at a troubling time in their industries, and Sarah McKenna’s
work couldn’t be more perfect to showcase to friends and family.

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