Should we forget traditional Anniversary Gifts?

Choosing a gift to honour your partnership can be a difficult task; helpfully tradition gives us some direction.


Of course, once you google that list, you have many variations. I am going with the old school version used here in Ireland.


The first significant milestone that mentions ceramics is 9th Anniversary: Pottery.


Then the big 20th Anniversary, which is China.


And my last chance is the 26th Anniversary with Art.


If you are not a traditionalist, of course, you can buy from me for every Anniversary – build a collection!


What to choose?


For your spouse – why not go for the Home Comforts Vase paired with a bunch of fresh flowers, if you want to go big have a look at my Custom Framed Tiles and choose a line from your first dance this is known to bring tears of happy memories.


For another couple – You can send the perfect letterbox gift of the Home Comfort Trinket Dish just enough to mark the day or for those special inspirational couples ‘Love makes our house a home’ or ‘life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.’


There are many more gifts on my website which may suit your loved ones.
I can of course send your gift directly for you and include a handwritten card with your message.

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