Secrets of My Wallpaper Obsession

I have a funny old relationship with Wallpaper, I have NEVER actually wallpapered a wall, I have never even chosen wallpaper for a wall!

wallpaper_800x540 I cannot walk past a shop anywhere without have a wee sneaky look. I’m a hoarder of scraps, rolls and sample books. I look, touch, feel. It has to be heavy, I love the sort of wallpaper made for covering up lumpy old walls. I love all the glitzy modern designer patterns that are designed for flat smooth walls with enlarged exaggerated patterns influenced by traditional damasks and florals.

I think we can safely say I am an addict, although I would like to say I’m a connoisseur….

So if I’m not covering a wall with it what the hell am I at?

I put it on my clay of course.

So from my acres of wallpaper rolled and scrunched under my desk only my favourites get pulled out again and again. Some of my best patterns have come from some pretty ugly wall coverings. Sometimes I keep them for a long time before I even press them into clay.

And someday I shall use them all……if I stop adding more

I start with a flat slab of clay similar to a very large piece of pastry.


I smooth it out with a rubber kidney and my chosen wallpaper is put on top and pressed on. The whole piece is flipped over leaving the wallpaper in place. Another piece of wallpaper is placed on the top and the process is repeated.




This has to be done quickly but precisely. The damp clay can stick to the paper and rip it. Any impressions in the clay will be seen in the finished work so I must take care not to make any unplanned marks.

Now I have a beautifully textured piece of clay to make my pieces from.


I love how these patterns transform my objects from a boring functional object to a snazzy piece of decor. So even if your not in the mood to serve up a platter of Hors d’oeurvre or a pitcher of sangria you still have a stylish piece of pottery to show off.


Tell me in the comments below which pattern is your favourite – Deco, Damask or Seeds

Thanks to Mark Quigley Photography for the fun fast photo shoot

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