What have Pottery & Scout Songs got in common?

November is on us, and it is officially snuggle down and stay indoors kind of weather, and at this time of year, I often feel like I want to start at the cheese course and work my way back or maybe even stop at dessert!

And this reminds me of a great campfire song we sing in scouts we call Cheese & Biscuits (probably not the correct name) The song is a four-course menu backwards chanted like a train getting faster and faster as you get back to the SOOOUUUUUUP!

So while this song rattles around my head for the rest of the day, I shall show you my cheese and dessert serving options.

Impressed Cheeseboard €56 (Impressed Ceramic Cheeseknife also available €14)

Impressed Cocktail Plate €36

Perfect gifts for the foodies in your life!


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