What is gold lustre?

…be the one to find the Gold

You may have noticed something special about the Compass Collection. It is adorned with just a little touch of 24ct gold lustre. This collection is all about finding our passions and making our own map of the gold moments in life.

That could be all about family and love or our lives, work or personal goals.

What is gold lustre?

You may have seen this on the rims of fine china tea sets. It is applied on top of the finished glazed piece. It is a solvent-based suspension of 24 ct gold particles. It is allowed to dry and returned to the kiln for a third time to let the glaze melt and incorporate the gold into its surface.

Perfect Gift

These handmade ceramic wall art with that will bit of gold are the perfect gift for birthdays, graduations, weddings and anniversaries. A thoughtful gift to mark a remarkable achievement in life or to spur someone on to continue an inspirational journey.

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