Why there is no place like home

Everybody loves a bit of love for the home

Home Comforts Collections was created around the little phrases that we use all the time – so much so that the phrase takes on a new level of meaning associated with the person in your life who says it.

Like when I hear the phrase ‘home again home again jiggity jig’ it brings me straight back to the warm safe feeling of arriving home as my mum would have said this each time we pulled into the driveway.

‘Níl aon tintéan mar do thinéan féin’ might conjure images of your beloved granny making you tea and buttered toast or ‘May your home never be big enough for all your friends’ remind you of the plans you and your newlywed made for all the fun parties in your two up two down first home.

And maybe ‘There’s no place like home’ will remind you to click your heels together three times and you’ll be there or that you had the power along

Whether they make you laugh or tug on the heartstrings, the home comforts tiles have certainly been a big hit as one of my most popular gift for those we love…

Check out the full Home Comfort Collection online here

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