Wall Art – Inspirational Quotes

A combination of textured clay, bright juicy colours and inspiring and memorable text to make beautiful and uplifting framed wall art.

Music has such a strong connection to emotions and we all want to receive a gift that touches our hearts! The Love Song pieces are about how I’d stop while listening to a song. I’d get that LIGHTBULB moment “that’s me right now!” so I collected up those lines and put them in the clay.

The Rainbow Tiles range happened in the most organic way, growing from the need to translate the text from my journal into clay.  as a way to visually connect with the ideas. Pairing back the designs using only my signature vintage wallpaper moulds and hot metal type set to create a set of framed tiles.

The Home Comforts range, features well-known, familiar Irish phrases which tie people back to happy memories of childhood or home. connecting emotional memories from another era to a modern home setting. I like to think that phrases such as ‘home again, home again, jiggety jig’ of ‘home is where the heart is’ instantly bring people back to a time of warmth, security or happiness, or more importantly, of other people.

wall art