DIY SOS: The Big Build Ireland a bespoke wall art for the Waterford Home

Like most of the nation, I have been watching RTE’s DIY SOS: The Big Build Ireland with a box of tissues for the tears, both sad and joyful.

If you have any doubts about humanity, they will all be restored when you see the lengths the army of volunteers go to to help make difficult situations easier for these beautiful families in need.

I was so honoured and delighted to be invited to make a Bespoke Wall Art for the Waterford episode – as you know, I believe that a home is more than bricks and mortar, so it was lovely to create a piece, especially for Laura’s bedroom.

So watch DIY SOS on RTE One on Sunday 24th April at 6.30 pm and see if you can spot my handy work!

If you want to get a little of the back story, you can join me LIVE with Designer Aoife Rhattigan and fellow artist Omin, who made a large artwork for the living room.


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