How to choose a meaningful Wedding Gift

Everyone wants something special to give, unique but not too out there! Should we give cold, hard cash to help pay for that big day?

It’s the beginning of the wedding season in my house, with a pretty special wedding this Friday. Along with the wedding invite comes that troubling question, “What should we gift?”

When I look back to my big day (almost 16 happy years ago), I was so frantic with plans and wedding bills that money was undoubtedly very welcome. Still, it is so lovely to have something to remind us of the day’s romance and the good wishes everyone had for us when it’s all over.

So HOW do you choose something meaningful?

Couples spend a lot of time considering each detail of the wedding. The very first clue of their joint personalities will come on the invite. The colours they like and their style will help you pick a gift they will love. Do they have a formal and traditional style, or have they gone for something more relaxed and funky.

Impressed Bouquet Vase
Impressed Bouquet Vase – the perfect statement vase


They have their own home already! DON’T WORRY when a couple sets up home at first. They bring together a motley crew of their singleton style ( and the bits and bobs Mammy gave them on leaving home). Everyone loves new pieces to bring it all together in their new life. You can go for all the practical stuff a dinner set, bed linen, table linen, cushions and lamps.

Are they social animals or home-loving foodies? Everyone entertains at home now. Whether they open the doors of their stylish home for cocktail hour or invite a few close friends for a 5-course dinner, we want pretty things on our walls and tables. Table centrepieces, serving dishes and platter for the table or wall art (which is a great gift to keep it out of the way of wee ones)

Impressed Gift Set
Impressed Gift Set


If you are still stumped…ask a professional to help you out.

I help many people find the perfect gift, and I’d be happy to help you!

For those already wed, tell me in the comments below which gift you received you most cherish?

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