Celebrating 22 years


This month I am celebrating 22 years since I joined Bridge Street Studios.

A lot has happened over those 22 years and this year was a significant change for me as in July, I moved from my fourth-floor haven to a new first-floor space. I have more space, no stairs and a brand new kiln in its own kiln room. It took me until quite recently to finally feel at home.

I would love to be throwing a big party for you, but we will keep it quiet for the time being. 

You can, of course, visit. I have arranged time slots so you can book in to see the studio and gallery during the week, and of course, we are open every Saturday too.

On top of all the usual seasonal madness, I am working hard to finish something brand new, and you will be the first to see it next week – watch this space!

I hope you enjoyed the picture of baby me, for some sneak peeks and studio tours online this week check out my Facebook and Instagram

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