Why do I love flowers?

Small Impressed Vase with Yellow Gerbera

Admittedly, I have more access to vases than most, but I am unsure which came first the making of many vases or the joy that a vase of fresh flowers gives me.

Of course, vases can be beautiful without big fancy bouquets, tiny collections of foliage, a few dried stems or just as joyful decorating your room on their own and I, of course, believe you can never have too many vases!

I read a study many years ago about the giving of flowers and the lasting effect it has on the recipient, and it is shown that flowers have a lasting impact on happiness (apologies to those who are reading this again, I confess it is one of my favourite bits of science and I do bang on about it)

For those who haven’t read it already, here is a little blog I wrote about Why we should give flowers.

So if you are finding this dull end of January hard, add some flowers to your shopping list.

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